domingo, 29 de noviembre de 2009

Tired of...

When you are truly in love with a person, this person have to be your life, your breath, everything to you, and Sometimes you make me think that I don’t mean nothing to you. When we have a discussion, you always have to win. The things that I do always are wrong; it seems to be that i can’t do things well.
Yesterday for example, you ask me where I was, I sent you a message to tell you where I was, but you never opened it, you have the tools in your hands to know where was my location, but you decide not to use it (don’t know why).
And for this stupid thing you was angry with me. This kind of things are too stupid for a people of our age, because it supposedly that we see things maturely, and we are not acting this way. Our behavior is from children of 16 years old.
From now on, I would not care about your spoilt child behavior, if we want to be together, we will act like ground up people, like human been of our age. I don’t pretend to change your personality; the only thing that I want from you is to be mature, nothing else.
P.D.: I don’t write very well in english, please forgive me people, thanks.